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Playing exercise for children in the kindergarten or at home

Lack of exercise leads to diseases and enormous harm of human beings. In Germany the economic damage is estimated at 20 million Euro a year. Cardiovascular diseases and severe problems with the spinal column are the most frequent results; each second German suffers from it. Exercise requires initiative which is often considered as too exhausting. Thereby its high value is underestimated. Movement always trains muscles, tendons, joints and always the heart muscle. The Respiration and circulation will be strengthened; furthermore the co-ordination, the sense of balance, the reactions, the strength and mobility will be improved as well as the metabolism which is very important e.g. for the bone and cartilage structure up to the old ages. In fine, life becomes more worth living.


Strong and healthy children by active gymnastics

Nearly each third child in Germany suffers from weight problems for which the main reasons are a lack of exercise and malnutrition, further investigations showed that children are spending more than 60 minutes a day with computer and television.

The children’s natural urge to move has to be corresponded to. Above all, the variety has to be encouraged which in addition trains the co-ordination ability. Hanging exercises also with the head first should not be missing for healthy children. The child may invent own exercises by the versatile use of the accessories, which will promote its creativity.

Our devices with their various possibilities enable the work out of nearly all muscles, ligaments and joints. Furthermore, the co-ordination of will and exercise can be trained. The devices also offer a variety of possibilities for back exercises. All handhold elements are particularly adapted to the child’s hand, but are designed to be used by adults also.


Exercises promote the spirit

If someone is working physically, not only the muscles are pulsating, but also certain regions of the brain. Thus the short time memory works better, as investigations of the University Erlangen showed. In addition, the researchers registered a better mental efficiency during exercises compared to recovery periods. Therefore they recommend constant physical activity.

Each monotonous activity like e.g. passive television consumption, permanent sitting in front of the computer, monotonous assembly line work or other not diversified existence may be a potential spirit killer. Versatile exercises are the engine for the spirit.



Sportgymnastik Rückengymnastik

The KletterDschungel with its standard equipment is always ready for use. No other device offers on very confined space such a large number and variety of exercises.

A comparison with a home trainer shows that the latter particularly educates young people to a monotonous work out (simple structures in the brain), whereas the variety of possible exercises on the KletterDschungel promotes a versatile development of the brain, even for the older one.

Back gymnastic

The discs of the spinal column are not supplied by the blood circulation, but by lymph. A continuous pressure load (car, computer, television) affects this supply. An interchange of pressure and traction produces a pumping function, so the lymph flush around the discs will be intensified. This improves their supply which is one condition for their solid development and prevents from a fast degeneration.

The KletterDschungel offers a variety of stretching exercises for the training of the back muscles.


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