Ceiling solutions


The elements can be combined with each other in a right angle or in row. In the case of use of the high bars it has to be fixed at one side to the wall bars or climbing wall.


The KletterDschungel Wood will be delivered in a special long package.

The equipment will be manufactured according to the individual room height. Following a clear assembly instruction, which is attached to the package, the device can easily be self-assembled locally.

Before starting with the assembly, please bear in mind the following:

  • The equipment may not be set up at publicly accessible places with danger of vandalism. It is to be used under supervision.

  • The persons doing gymnastics or playing at the device have to be prevented from contact with dangerous objects of the environment.

The KletterDschungel Wood can be used in kindergartens, nurseries, schools, at physiotherapists or at home.

It can only be installed, if the ceiling runs parallel to the floor and withstands a pressure load. This counts for concrete, stone or wood ceilings according to DIN. For other types of ceilings please see at ceiling solutions.
Unevenness of up to 3 cm can be levelled out.

The floor has to withstand a load of 450 kg/m2 at the points of contact, which usually is the case. With timber floor boards, the stability is sufficient according to the building regulations. Nevertheless, it is recommended to position the feet of the equipment on a timber beam or in its proximity.

Assembling instructions

After unpacking the equipment, please check if all parts are complete.

Please tighten all screws firmly, do not turn them off.

When tightening the bottom screws a pressure point has to be achieved which will be noticed when suddenly screwing becomes more difficult.

After tightening, the distance between the plastic parts at the ceiling has to be 0 - 2 mm.

After adjusting, the counter nut at the bottom of each tube has to be tightened very firmly.


The KletterDschungel Wood is certified for kindergartens, nurseries and schools. The construction is appropriate for a maximum load of 130 kg.