Children playing Tower

KletterDschungel Gym Set [KD 205 - 300]




Playing Tower As Basic Framework
Stable, solid and safe. Certified for a maximum load of 130 kg.

For public institutions and at home.

Ideal for children at the age of 2 - 14 years.

Long-lasting and by attaching various accessories adequate for each age group, the device grows with the child.

The children’s strength, sense of balance, skills as well as the creativity and imagination of the children will be developed.

Through play and fun unconsciously all groups of muscles, particularly the abdominal and back muscles will be trained.

Simple self assemblywithout special technical knowledge following clear assembly instructions.

No drillings in ceiling or floor are necessary, since the equipment is only clamped.

According to fall down protection in public institutions as per DIN EN 1177.

The Gym Set includes:

Play tower as basic framework, rings, trapeze, climbing rope, rope ladder, 4 additional supports, pull up bar, set bar upholstery.

The dimensions of the ceiling framework are 120cm x 60cm.


Article No. For room heights
KD 205 from 2,05m to 2,40m
KD 240 from 2,40m to 3,00m
KD 300 from 3,00m to 3,50m

Reseller: www.wall-bars.com - www.wallbars.co.uk

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