Wall Bars - Sport

  [EW 065]  



Stable, solid and safe.

No drillings in the ceiling or floor are necessary, as the single cheek will be fixed by clamping.

The location can be changed easily.

The single cheek will be manufactured according to the individual room height and will be self assembled locally, following a clear assembly instruction, attached to the package. No technical knowledge is necessary.




Single Cheek

Laminated spruce woold

Pressure supports

Plastics / metal

Product:  1 Single Cheek, 2 Pressure supports.

     Kinderzimmer gestaltengarten


Reseller: www.wall-bars.com - www.wallbars.co.uk



Sprossenwand    Turnwand    Reck    Kinderzimmer    


Will be manufactured according to your room height, which you indicate when placing your order; up to 350 cm standard.

<BR><H1>Kinderzimmer gestalten</H1> <BR><H1>Sprossenwand</H1> <BR><H1>Turnwand</H1> <BR><H1>RECK</H1> <BR><H1>Platzmangel</H1> <BR><H2>Kinderzimmer gestalten</H2> <BR><H2>Platzmangel</H2> <BR><H2>Turnwand</H2> <BR><I><EM>Kinderzimmer gestalten</EM></I> <BR><I><EM>Platzmangel</EM></I> <BR><I><EM>Turnwand</EM></I>