Wall Bars Set [HK 070]





Stable, solid and safe.

Ideal for children at the age of 2 - 10 years.

Certified for a maximum load of 130 kg.

Long-lasting and by attaching various accessories adequate for each age group, the device grows with the child.

Expandable with further single cheeks, cross and high bars.

Expandable with further single cheeks, cross and high bars.

Through play and fun unconsciously all groups of muscles, particularly the abdominal and back muscles will be trained.

No drillings in ceiling or floor are necessary, since the equipment is only clamped.

The location can be changed easily.

The Wall Bars Set will be manufactured according to the individual room height and will be self assembled locally, following a clear assembly instruction, attached to the package. No technical knowledge is necessary.






Laminated spruce wood


Round timbers:


Pressure supports

Plastics / metal

     Sprossenwand 1

Jungendmoebel Kinderzimmer


Sprossenwand    Kinderzimmer    Sprossenwand Gesundheit

Sport sprossenwand   Jugendmoebel für Kinderzimmer 1   Sprossenwand Sport 3


for your room height, which you indicate for the order, to 350 cm standard manufacturing is made.



The rung wall set contains:

sprossenwand 70 cm broad with printing hurrying; Number of rungs according to the indicated room height; 1 single cheek with printing hurrying; 1 transverse bar 100 cm; 1 reck 100 cm; 1 pair of rings, hoehenverstellbar; 1 trapezoid, hoehenverstellbar; 2 auxiliary mounting plates; 4 attachments flat; 2 attachments comprehensively.


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